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Our focus extends on the clients' most critical issues and opportunities, with an outlook that includes internal business practice and the global industry to integrate brand identity, align core values, direct market positioning and structure the organization whether via technology or human resource. Business development includes insuring digital presence, policies and operations, business and distribution, analytics and overall financial sustainablitiy. Our objective is to align business practices and brand positioning to support sustainable business development.


Brands are among a company's most valuable asset. Strategic Brand Management builds a direction that respects both brand values and business development. In this a structure is set for managing and allocating innovations in accordance with a consistant and global vision of the brand portfolio.


With a rooted yet forward perspective on the market, positioning the brand within the broad fashion industry is weighed and measured in regards to the audience perpection and expectation. Evaluating business practice and brand identity to plan informed market execution.


​Short to long term structural planning, training and mentorship of the team tailored to the brands' core values, culture, direction and finances. Organization work flows are developed to ensuring each process is given value in the team. 


Analyzing the business to ensure the optimal system is integrated into daily operations to regulate and normalize processes with an end objective of aligning business practices and promoting growth. Policy creation, company heirarchies ensure that the brand becomes a self functioning organization ready for growth and investment.


Business assesments encompass the brand's costing structure and pricing scale, means of production and inventory, assets and profits. Studying projections, budgets and financial objectives to build an investment worthy, sustainable brand.


Value comes in the insight a brand has to it's performance.analysis. We understand objectives to organize, evaluate and provide feedback supports making informed decisions. We offer ongoing or one off data evaluation with core take aways and values. 

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